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Dion Jetson is an artist armed with talent, a unique vision, and a dedicated work ethic; when those attributes align, great things are the result. As the old saying goes, "Timing is everything.”  While that may be one of the most overused 'cliché' statements in history, it describes this point in Dion's career perfectly.  All previous roads have led him here: the early formative rap group years, the college radio DJ years, the podcast hosting years, the internships with Hustle and TJ Chapman, the fall out with his manager while he was strictly producing, losing talent shows to Jennifer Hudson and accidentally opening up for a "Late Registration" period Kanye West.  Those roads and past regrets have led him to present his art independently and in his own way.  Dion sums up those experiences by saying, "Regret is a powerful feeling...and I have several regrets, but I’m using those regrets to fuel me now.  But I feel the timing has worked in my favor, and I’m ready to present myself, my experiences & my art to the world.  Hopefully, they are ready to accept and appreciate them.” 

His artistic vision will first be presented in the form of his upcoming project titled 'The Ear & The Heart.’  "I named it that because my music is very personal, and ultimately I want to be in the heart of my listeners.  So I felt the need to grab their ear first, and then give them my heart and thoughts. Initially, it was supposed to be called “The Ear,” and contain songs to grip people sonically, with a second part being named “The Heart” but I decided to combine both and give listeners the balance of complete projects."

Being recorded at Chicago’s Soundscape Studios, 'The Ear & The Heart' promises a unique sound.  The concepts are very thought out and inspired by life experiences but the backdrop is fueled by his obsession for immaculate production.  “I've always thought beats were key to great music.  Mind you, they don’t tell the whole story but they lay the foundation.  And without a strong foundation, your house falls very easily.”  That explains why Dion has teamed up with some great up & coming producers for his project, including C-Sick (Fabolous “We Get High”, Logic & Jhene Aiko’s “Break It Down), JGramm (Travis Scott, T.I. and 2Chainz "Upper Echelon”) and MatthausBeatz (Dom Kennedy & Niko G4’s “Notorious”) for tracks that are surely to provide a diverse yet cohesive landscape for 'The Ear & The Heart'.

Dion considers himself a genre-less music head, and listens to a wide array of music to draw inspiration from outside of hip-hop, but the music that makes the most impact is old soul.  “In my eyes, Soul is the father of hip-hop, and some of the guys like James Brown, Curtis Mayfield and others provided the perfect sounds for the hip-hop culture.  That’s why I start every studio session by playing some old school records to get my juices flowing.”  

 While the yester-year fuels Dion's inspiration, he fully acknowledges that today's musical landscape has changed. From the ways that artists collaborate, to how new artists are 'broken' in the industry. Dion's introduction began with the track “Magia Parra”, which he recorded with friend and fellow artist SeVen1.  The song was featured on,, and many other blogs. Dion welcomes the digital exposure: “Blogs get a bad rep sometimes but people have to adjust to the times and realize that listeners don't all get their music the same few ways anymore. I appreciate every blog that supports what I do, from the ones who have 20 viewers to the blog that has thousands.  The reception to 'Magia Parra' was great - to see people tweet your lyrics and for people to tell you that they really like your music and to know that it's sincere is like a drug.  There is nothing like a fan telling you they rock with you directly, It gets you high and makes you want to create more music, better music.”

Dion Jetson is working tirelessly to perfect his craft and bring quality artistry to the world.  He has been aiming to perfect his live performances and putting the finishing touches on the aforementioned project, The Ear & the Heart, for a May 2015 release.